Premium Rose Water

Pure & natural rose water

No added preservatives

Cleanses,refreshers & cools the skin

Effective for all skin type

Premium Rose Water

A wonderful rose water that is made from the roses of kannauj (also called city of perfume),rich in white soil conductive to roses growth.The kannauj rose is considered special due to its similarity to Bulgarian rose.kannauj city still follows the traditional system of making rose water through the method of hydro-      distillation.
                                                                               Rose water is produced by the Deg-bhabka method that uses copper couldrons & bamboo pipes.Rose water is by product of production of rose oil(use in perfume).It is use to flavour food,as component in some cosmetic & medical preparation

1-Clean your face with cotten diped in rose water 

2-Add some rose water to bubble bath for luxuriously scented bath that will help you to relax & feel special.

3- you can also use a few drop of rose water in dessert.

4- mildly soak cotton swabs in rose water & place them over your eyes for soothing,cooling & relaxing.

5-Get instant relief from burning red or inflammatory eyes by pouring two to three drop of rose water in each eyes & closing them for few minutes.

6- It is also key ingredients in sweet lassi & various fruits juices.

* Hydrosol(water based solution) portion of distillate of rose petal.


1-Anti septic.

2-Anti bacterial.

3-Anti depressant.

4-Anti inflammatory

5-maintains the skin PH balence.

Gulab jal is good for soothing eyes. Most people spend endless hours in front of a computer screen. Environmental pollution also plays damage on our eyes. 

1-put 3-4 drops of rose water in each eye.
2-Lie down in a comfortable position.
3-Relax for at least 5-8minutes without opening your eyes.
4-It helps relax and washes dirt present in the eyes.

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